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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Screenwest Announce $20M WA Production Attraction Incentive

Screenwest and the Western Australian (WA) State Government have recently launched their exciting $20M Western Australian Production Attraction Incentive.

Developed to encourage film and television producers worldwide to come to Western Australia to make their next big hit. The WA Production Attraction Incentive offers production funding of a minimum of 10 percent of the project’s Qualifying Western Australian Expenditure.

The launch of the incentive complements the State Government’s commitment to invest AU$105 million towards building a world-class film studio in Perth.

Screenwest is administering the WA Production Attraction Incentive alongside the range of financial incentives in place, which will continue to attract world-class productions to Western Australia. These include the WA Regional Screen Fund and the WA Post-Production, Digital and Visual Effects Incentive.

The WA Production Attraction Incentive is designed to increase the flow of International and locally-made projects, which in turn will provide significant employment and skills development opportunities for local screen practitioners while helping to unlock the Federal Location Incentive Program.


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