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Saturday, July 20, 2024

SEEK on the Job with Brightcove Video

Brightcove Inc. has announced that SEEK, one of the largest and most-established employment marketplaces in Australia, is using Brightcove’s video technology to build a stronger brand and create a more human connection between job seekers and organisations. SEEK created a video library on its site powered by Brightcove’s Video Marketing Suite and Brightcove Gallery, offering a single location for career and employment advice. Since implementing Brightcove, SEEK has amplified its online user experience with over 200 videos that address different audience needs, has seen 74% video view rate for its “WorkaLOLics” series, and a 55% higher brand impact overall across its channels.

Creating better connections between organisations and job seekers is one of the key reasons that SEEK invested in more video content, making Brightcove an important part of SEEK’s ongoing evolution from being solely functional and transactional to eliciting real human connections between its audiences. This is an attribute that is critical to job seeking and recruitment as these experiences tap into human emotions and people’s sense of purpose. Recognising how videos enhance these connections, Brightcove’s video technology helps SEEK to be more accessible and relevant to a broader audience, while offering a more engaging, feature-rich experience that consists of video curation, playlist creation, autoplay functionality, and more.

Video has also played a big role in helping SEEK position itself as approachable and fun, which sets the right tone considering the inherent stress level of the hiring process. For example, video has allowed humour to complement SEEK’s editorial content, such as in its “WorkaLOLics” series which offers playful videos that spoof common workplace concerns. The implementation of Brightcove Gallery also enabled SEEK to seamlessly consolidate all of its video assets into one portal on its site, allowing SEEK to consistently update fresh and interesting videos to ensure their videos speak to current workplace environments – such as how organisations are navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For SEEK, video has allowed for creativity in touchpoints and more authentic interactions between job seekers and hiring companies. Because of this, Brightcove’s technology plays an important role in helping us achieve our company mission daily, which is to help job seekers lead more fulfilling and productive work lives, and help organizations succeed,” said Pip Duncan, Head of Production, SEEK. “For example, our Sales and Service team loves Brightcove because they can now send their clients to a beautiful SEEK video portal. And we’ve also seen our video performance increase as our ‘What Recruiters Really Think’ social video got 30,000 video views in just two days. Telling great stories in a beautiful way is one of the most important attributes of video, and Brightcove’s leading video technology has allowed us to do just that – and more.”

“Video has always been a powerful storytelling mechanism for brands, and today, it’s also enhancing the way people communicate as physical connection has been limited. Both are extremely important to the SEEK brand as an employment marketplace, and both have been significantly enhanced through the use of Brightcove’s video technology,” said Simon Naylor, SVP Sales, APAC at Brightcove. “Our work with SEEK is a true testament to how powerful our technology is. Our easy-to-use platform quickly accelerated their time to market, and our video analytics offer SEEK valuable insights into video performance. We’re thrilled at the success that SEEK has seen to date since implementing Brightcove, and we can’t wait to see their brand evolve even further.”


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