Thursday, May 23, 2024

SERAPID for The P.A. People’s Venue Engineering Team

The P.A. People is excited to announce its appointment as an authorised system integrator and installer of SERAPID Rigid Chain Technology in Australia and New Zealand.

One of the core elements of many stage machinery projects is the horizontal and vertical movement of heavy loads for applications such as Orchestra platforms for musicians, adjustable seating systems, and complex stage structure.

Since its establishment earlier this year, The P.A People’s Venue Engineering team have been searching for the best actuator technology to facilitate the design and creation of these bespoke machines.

Andrew Mathieson, Chief Engineer Venue Engineering at The P.A. People commented; “Members of our engineering and design team have had the opportunity to work with products from the world’s best actuator manufacturers over many years and on many projects.  SERAPID is one of the best, and their product range is the most versatile for venue applications.  We are delighted that SERAPID has chosen to partner with The P.A. People and our Venue Engineering team as our supplier of linear actuator technology.”

“While The P.A. People are a relatively recent entrant into the world of Venue Engineering in Australia, their clear focus on engineered solutions, safety and compliance, coupled with the demonstrable expertise of their new Venue Engineering team have made their appointment as a SERAPID authorised system integrator and installer a logical choice,” said Robert Degenkolb, Managing Director, SERAPID SINGAPORE PTE LTD.

SERAPID is the developer and manufacturer of the original Rigid Chain Technology and has been meeting the vertical and horizontal transport needs of venues and theatres around the world for over 50 years.

The P.A. People are no strangers to the fit-out of venues in Australia.  Over their 50 years they have designed, installed and serviced audio, lighting, stage management, hoisting and flying systems in theatres and performance venues across the country.


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