Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Seven West Media Optimises Video Content Delivery with Brightcove’s Delivery Rules

Brightcove Inc., the global provider of cloud services for video, has announced that Seven West Media (SWM) has implemented Brightcove’s Delivery Rules across 7plus, the video on-demand and catch-up TV service run by the Seven Network. This makes the media organisation the first in the world to take advantage of this new feature, allowing them to deliver content more efficiently and cost effectively.

Delivery Rules is a feature of Brightcove’s Dynamic Delivery that allows publishers to create a range of custom rules for how their video content is being delivered on a more granular basis than ever before. Content delivery rules can be set and customised according to specific business or technical needs, addressing a range of objectives such as cost savings, user experience improvements, and quality optimisations. 

For SWM, the first use case of Delivery Rules is to enable the media organisation to switch between different Content Delivery Networks (CDN) based on content priority. This optimises the content delivery method for them whilst ensuring cost saving efficiencies across the business. In addition, Delivery Rules enables SWM to switch CDNs seamlessly to prevent a single point of failure.  

Darren Kerry, Director of Digital Product and Technology at SWM, says, “Brightcove’s Delivery Rules enables us to deliver the best possible viewing experience by allowing us to set custom rules for how the content on 7plus is being delivered. Using Delivery Rules for CDN, switching is just the start. Looking ahead, I’m excited as to what else we can achieve with Delivery Rules such as tailoring video renditions to devices and targeting HD to users that sign in.”

Mark Stanton, Vice President, Australia and New Zealand at Brightcove, commented, “CDN and delivery strategies are top of mind for many of our customers. Delivery Rules solves this by offering a set of tools to optimise content delivery in line with business requirements. Giving customers the granular control over delivery is game changing and addresses a number of commercial and technical pain points. We’re excited to help SWM explore cost saving options while ensuring the best possible experience for their viewers, regardless of where they are and what device they are using.”

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