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Silver Trak Takes First Sony BVM-HX310 Monitor for 4K HDR QC

Silver Trak Digital has purchased one of Australia’s first Sony BVM-HX310 reference grade 4K HDR monitors from Mojo Media Solutions. Silver Trak says the purchase is a real coup as its business in 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) content QC is growing at a rapid pace.

As Silver Trak CEO Tim Creswell explained, “There is an increasing amount of overseas high value content being created in 4K HDR. The main reason we purchased this monitor is so we can accurately provide QC services for major streaming services and high-end broadcasters who will be launching more and more HDR content over the coming months. There are also fast-growing local requirements for 4K HDR QC.”

The BVM-HX310 TRIMASTER HX Professional Master Monitor is designed for 4K HDR picture quality, accuracy and consistency, and is suitable for on-set, studio and post-production applications, including 4K digital cinematography.

Silver Trak’s Creswell added, “In order to service the ever-increasing amount of 4K HDR content QC we required a Grade 1 Reference 4K HDR monitor, with a minimum 1000 nits, to ensure footage is being watched exactly as the director who shot it and our client who gave it to us intended when being QC’d. The monitor also needed to be able to accept 12G, Quad 3G, and HDMI inputs at 4K HDR and the Sony BVM-HX310 fulfils all of those requirements.”

As well as QC-ing original 4K HDR content for overseas streaming services and tier-one broadcasters, Creswell also sees the local market growing in this space.

He concluded, “The Australian market is very switched on and developing quickly. That said, whether our clients are in Australia or from overseas we move just as quickly and use only the latest equipment. Our workflow is particularly efficient. 4K HDR files are delivered to us in ProRes, DCP or IMF and played back on our 4K platforms for QC in our dedicated 4K QC suite. Now by using the BVM-HX310 monitor, we are without question seeing the best results and providing our clients with the very best service possible in 4K HDR QC.”

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