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Monday, June 17, 2024

Silver Trak Wins Facilities Award from Screen Producers Australia

At the 21st Annual SPA Awards this year it was Silver Trak Digital who won the 2023 Screen Producers Australia award for Service and Facilities Business of the Year.

The Screen Producers Australia (SPA) event, hosted by Australian comedian Nath Valvo with special guest Minister for the Arts, the Hon Tony Burke MP, is seen as a celebration of all the SPA members with 25 awards announced and collected by businesses recognised for their dedication to the industry.

Silver Trak Digital CEO, Tim Creswell said, “It is a great honour to receive the SPA award for Service and Facilities Business of the Year. Silver Trak Digital provides services and facilities that directly contribute to the production of screen content. Our entire raison d’etre is to add value to our clients and their productions via innovative and efficient services and solutions. Covid-19 made production costs go up and keep going up, so savings had to be found to make and keep productions viable. Silver Trak Digital answered this call for our clients and fellow SPA members including See Saw Films, Goalpost Pictures and many others, with the further development and use of our Media Room media asset management solution.”

By using Media Room production companies, studios and distributors have enjoyed considerable workflow efficiencies and saved millions of dollars through hands-off curation and automation of content.

Tim Creswell concluded, “Our clients now have and use an internationally recognised, low-cost solution for the upload, management and distribution of their content – no matter the size or geographical location. No more tapes. No more DVDs. No more couriers. Media Room does it all. Media Room does it securely.”

Media Room complements other Silver Trak Digital services such as QC, DCP creation and Cinema Direct 5G cinema distribution to create a complete one stop media content management and distribution shop for SPA members.


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