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Monday, June 17, 2024

Singapore Leads World With Fastest Internet Speeds

According to a BanklessTimes analysis, Singapore has emerged as the fastest internet speed hub in the world. It has a median internet speed of 207.61 MBPS. Chile came second with a median internet speed of 200.01 MBPS, while Thailand took the third position with 189.64 MBPS.

The United States came at the eighth position, with a median internet speed of 151.21 MBPS. Hong Kong, Denmark, China, and Macau took the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh positions, respectively. Hong Kong has a median internet speed of 181.70 MBPS, Denmark has 166.11 MBPS, China has 162.74 MBPS, and Macau has 158.48 MBPS.

BanklessTimes’s CEO Jonathan Merry says, “Of the top eight countries with the fastest internet speed in the fixed broadband category, China is the most improved one, having stepped up three positions. Hong Kong improved by one position, while Denmark was demoted from the fourth to the fifth. The remaining countries, including Singapore, Chile, Thailand, Macau, and the United States, maintained their positions.”

Global fixed broadband internet performance

The global median download speed in the fixed broadband category is 63.46 MBPS. On the other hand, the median upload internet speed for the same category globally is 27.06 MBPS. Lastly, the median latency globally is 10 MBPS.

Below is the global trend for the median latency, download, and upload internet speed for the past one year.

The median download speed rose steadily from April 2021 to April 2022. In 2021, it was 48.42 MBPS, while in April 2022, it was 63.46 MBPS. This represents a change of 15.04 MBPS, bringing the annual percentage change to 31.06 percent.

On the other hand, the median upload internet speed followed the same trend. The speed rose steadily from 19.60 MBPS in April 2021 to 27.06 MBPS in April 2022. This figure brings the annual median data speed change to 7.46 MBPS. Therefore, the annual percentage change in median upload data speed is 38.06 percent.

The latency rate did not experience rapid changes over the past one year. For instance, from April 2021 to August 2021, it remained constant at 11ms. However, it dropped to 10ms from September 2021 to April 2022. This represents a 9.09 percent improvement over the past one year.

Mobile internet transfer speed

While Singapore came first in the fixed broadband internet category, it dropped to the twenty-second position in the mobile internet category with a median of 64.05 MBPS. UAE and Qatar led in this category with 134.48 MBPS and 129.36 MBPS, respectively.

The median download speed for the category is 30.75 MBPS with an upload speed of 8.78 MBPS, and the median latency is 29ms.


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