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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Singapore’s W!ld Rice Theatre Co Builds for Future with Clear-Com

Any theatre company that stages productions as diverse as W!ld Rice – original works, interpretations of classics, charitable and corporate events – needs to be ready for anything. W!ld Rice recently established a new performing arts complex with an environment fit for performance experimentation and outfitted with their desired Clear-Com communications system, installed throughout the venue helps technical teams keep the creativity flowing smoothly.

After drawing more than one million people to its performances which were previously held in rented spaces since its founding in 2000, W!ld Rice decided it was time for a permanent home. The company’s spacious facility was recently completed and is located in the Funan Mall within the heart of Singapore’s Civic and Cultural district. The new space features over 18,000 square feet of performance space and a 380-seat theatre, the first dedicated performance venue in Singapore to be fully designed, managed and programmed by a theatre company.

Once they had the resources to handle a more rigorous schedule of productions and events of all sizes, the W!ld Rice team was able to act on their plan for an for an enhanced communications for production crews. Key requirements were a two-channel system at the stage manager’s desk and the ability to expand seamlessly to keep pace with future growth.

The new system, introduced by consultant, Radian Acoustics, includes a Clear-Com HelixNet® All-Digital Networked Partyline Intercom System combined with the FreeSpeak II Wireless and Encore Analog Partyline Intercom Systems. These technologies are making crew communications during shows and rehearsals more efficient and streamlined, while allowing an easy and cost-effective expansion to more channels of digital and wireless system capabilities in the future.

“We’ve been able to secure a Clear-Com solution suited to our needs and unique challenges,” said W!ld Rice Technical Director, David Sagaya. “FreeSpeak II provides the performance and reliability we require for our caliber of productions, and HelixNet is easily scalable to whatever communications need arises.”

Clear-Com’s IP-based technologies are well-suited to the demands of modern theatrical environments, especially as more shows incorporate elaborate production requirements.

“The combination of HelixNet and FreeSpeak II was a great solution for this space,” remarked Consultant Tan Suan Wee of Radian Acoustics. “The robustness, audio quality and scalability of the system means that the theatre will enjoy seamless usage for years to come.”


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