Thursday, May 23, 2024

Sky NZ Accelerates Focus on Streaming Services

Sky NZ CEO Martin Stewart has reaffirmed the company’s accelerated focus on streaming services.

“From my first day at Sky I have talked about how streaming services are our future,” said Mr Stewart (pictured). “Over the last few months we have taken a close look at Sky’s technology roadmap and as a result we have sharpened our future focus. 

“Our core goal is to deliver our superb content in ways that meet the needs of all New Zealanders. We want everyone to be able to access our content in the way that suits them best. That means delivering extremely well to the hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders who have Sky boxes in their homes with our world–leading service reliability and convenience, and providing highly appealing and competitive services to those customers who want to access our content online. Having best-in-class streaming experiences is a critical part of our growth plan for Sky.

“With that in mind, we have taken a thorough look at the development and deployment of the next generation ‘Puck’ device that we have been working on, and which has not yet been launched. Drawing on our understanding of the ways New Zealanders are watching content in 2019 and what they want from us, we have decided that we can best serve our customers by enhancing our streaming services, and we will not proceed with the Puck device. Customers who prefer to consume our sports and entertainment on a set-top box are already well served with My Sky, which offers reliability and great functionality, and they all get complimentary access to our SkyGO app.  

 “In the coming weeks we will have exciting announcements that prove our commitment to delivering Sky in ways that work for all New Zealanders. In August we are launching our new sports App, with a superb content line-up, new pricing and great features. We also have a number of enhancements planned on Neon and Sky Go that will increase choice, quality and ways of enjoying those services.  

“We will continue to encourage Sky customers to connect their Sky box to their home internet in order to access our vast array of on demand ready-to-watch content. We’re also improving the viewing experience with an increased number of HD channels, and there are superb enhancements coming on the Sky Sport front.  

“We have an exceptional suite of content. Our refocused technology roadmap means we will deliver it to customers wherever they want it, when they want it, and through the platform that best meets their personal needs.”


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