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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Sky NZ Rolls Out the ‘Sky Pod’

Sky NZ has revealed the Sky Pod, an IP-only replacement option for the soon-to-close VodafoneTV service. It has also announced additional details about the new hybrid Sky Box.

The Sky Pod is a small portable device developed to provide an IP-only replacement option for VodafoneTV customers whose service will close on 30 November 2022.

The Sky Pod will enable access to Sky TV, on demand content and streaming apps without the need for a satellite dish. It does not have recording capability but will offer a reverse EPG as well as ‘watch from the start’ features. Customers who value the recording function and other features of the Sky Box will be able to register their interest in the new hybrid Sky Box.

The first phase of the Sky Pod roll-out is for customers who currently access Sky via VodafoneTV, for a one-off fee of $100. Sky will contact VodafoneTV customers directly prior to the closure of the service to offer the Sky Pod or a Sky Box to ensure they can keep enjoying Sky.

New Sky Box Update

According to the company, the new Sky Box is coming soon. The new Sky Box is a hybrid box that brings together the reliability of satellite TV with streaming via broadband. Sky customers will be able to enjoy Sky, on demand content and streaming apps, all in one place.

Features include a personalised home screen and voice-controlled remote. It has a 1TB hard drive, My Sky and the ability to record five shows while watching another live.


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