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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

SMPTE Australia: Media and Entertainment Solutions with AWS

Begins on Tuesday, 6 June 2023, 7:00 PM AEST

The media and entertainment (M+E) industry’s rapid move to the cloud, driven by the need to produce and distribute content remotely during COVID-19, leaves companies unable to find professionals who have both M+E and cloud expertise. Experienced M&E professionals are challenged to quickly learn the cloud skills critical to their specialty area, because they must figure out which services they might use, and train on each separately (storage, compute, content delivery network, AI/ML, end user computing.) Experienced cloud professionals are also challenged to support M+E workflows without training on the language, architecture, and best practices unique to media solutions.

With the AWS M+E Broadcast and D2C Foundations Badge, professionals can demonstrate their expertise in the nomenclature, architecture, and primary workflows for these specialty areas of the M&E ecosystem. Companies can use the M&E Broadcast and D2C Foundations Badge to identify qualified employees and AWS Partners, and use the training – created by AWS M&E Cloud Specialists – to upskill their workforce.

The eight week program will provide:

  • AWS Foundational knowledge.
  • An introduction to the principles and best practices for designing and using cloud-based video workflows.
  • How to implement and configure Direct-to-Consumer and Broadcast workflows on AWS.
  • Explanations of monitoring and Digital Rights Management options for D2C and Broadcast workflows.


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