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Saturday, June 22, 2024

SPA Leadership Diversity Mentorship Participants Announced

President Tracey Vieira and Vice President Suzanne Ryan, on behalf of the SPA Council, are pleased to announce the two participants selected for the SPA Council Leadership Diversity Mentorship.

Tsu Shan Chambers (Wise Goat Productions) and Hayley Johnson (Noble Savage Pictures) will be mentored by SPA councillors, participate in Council meetings and bespoke activities to develop skills and experiences, with the goal of generating pathways to formally become members of Council as well as pursue other leadership roles in the sector in the future.

“We welcome Hayley and Tsu Shan as the inaugural participants in our leadership diversity mentorship. Our hope is that from this mentorship both will gain insight into leadership styles and aid in the development of their existing skill sets. The SPA Council contains some of Australia’s most prolific and revered industry professionals and they, along with SPA want to foster new growth within the industry, paving the way for the next generation of leaders in our industry,” said SPA CEO Matthew Deaner.

Hayley and Tsu Shan both expressed strong interest in developing the types of leadership skills and knowledge that are sought from the SPA Council given its wide-ranging functions including: governance responsibilities; strategic expertise; finance and legal skills; risk management; industrial and government relations; as well as events, marketing and communications.

Tracy Vieira said, “Screen Producers Australia is striving to increase diversity and inclusion at every level of our organisation which includes at the highest level in Council. I am absolutely thrilled that we actively supporting the next generation of leading producers and providing mentorship to support their success. Hayley and Tsu Shan are both incredible producers and I look forward to working with them both as they expand their leadership for the the wider industry.”

Suzanne Ryan added: “The SPA Leadership Diversity Mentorship is an incredible step for the SPA Council and the organisation in supporting and elevating new producers who wish to grow their skills.  It’s wonderful to have Hayley and Tsu Shan be the first producers to be mentored by Council and I look forward to working with them and support them in their new roles.”

Hayley and Tsu Shan’s biographies can be viewed on the SPA Council listings, found on the ‘About’ page on the SPA website.

The Council were also extremely impressed by the quality and range of the applicants across the board and have undertaken to implement a broader program to assist them strengthening their applications for future intakes.


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