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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Space Lion Studios Tames Workflows with The Media Village

Space Lion Studios (SLS) is a vibrant team of visual storytellers based in Singapore, brought together by a shared passion for creating premium, captivating content for a global audience. Specialising in premium long-form post-production, SLS enjoys long-lasting relationships with major international streamers and broadcasters, agencies, and production companies including Netflix, Amazon, Curiosity Stream, National Geographic, Tencent, Smithsonian Channel, Bilibili, and Discovery Channel.

“Space Lion Studios had an existing shared storage system in place and was looking to replace it. They wanted to keep their options open and invited Facilis Reseller The Media Village, along with several other shared storage manufacturer representatives, to meet and discuss their needs,” explains Christopher Tay, of The Media Village. “They were looking for a robust, reliable, and efficient solution that is also cost-effective, not only in terms of the initial investment but also the recurring annual support costs. They also needed a MAM that was easy to use and supported automated transcription.”

The Media Village arranged for remote demonstrations of the Facilis Hub Server, demonstrating the storage administration capabilities, and shared file system features, along with Fast Tracker, its Media Asset Management application. The team at Space Lion Studios were impressed with what they saw. They also learned about Facilis’ ability to host both Fibre Channel and Ethernet connectivity on their servers, which turned out to be a plus point for them.

“We were very impressed with the responsiveness of Media Village and Facilis, their patience in trying to understand our specific needs and carefully tailoring the product to suit our workflow,” says Paul Stevens, GM of Space Lion Studios. “The pricing of the product also compared very favorably with the competition.”

Now based on a Facilis HUB-48 576TB server system, SLS’s purpose-built Singapore facility offers up to thirty offline, online, and GFX suites and AE workstations, as well as certified Dolby Atmos 9.1.4 and 5.1 mixing suites and certified Dolby Vision grading suites. SLS is integrating both WANLink and FastTracker into their workflow so that their editing and producing teams can better take advantage of this new system.

“FastTracker will help speed up the collaboration process between producers and editors, since producers would have all the rushes at their fingertips, allowing them to review and mark clips for use,” says Benjamin Goh, head of Post and Technology at Space Lion Studios. “Editors can pull the clips into their timelines with much more agility, and the automated transcription will also help producers get started with their paper edits much sooner.”

“Part of the reason Space Lion went with Facilis was the trust we have in them as a manufacturer to provide a system which is reliable, simple to operate and has performed well for years in multiple other installations around Singapore,” comments Patrick de Silva of The Media Village. “The Facilis HUB system is built for this type of facility, keeping complexity at a minimum and offering better functionality than most NAS-based shared storage environments.”

Emmy-nominated and garnering multiple awards at TV festivals around the world, SLS has earned top honors from the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards, Asian Academy Creative Awards, Asian Television Awards, and many more.

“We’re happy to be in a relationship with a reseller and manufacturer that understands our business, our workflow concerns and also helps us control our costs,” adds Stevens. “Facilis is delivering on their promises, and we’re already seeing the benefits of this new technology in our day-to-day operations.”


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