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Monday, June 24, 2024

SPORTFIVE Teams Up with Magnifi to Showcase ASEAN Football

SPORTFIVE, one of the world’s leading sports marketing agencies, has selected Magnifi, an AI-powered highlight generation platform, to assist with its social content solutions for the coverage of two premier tournaments in the ASEAN Football calendar, the Mitsubishi Electric Cup 2024 and the Shopee Cup 2024/2025.

With Magnifi, SPORTFIVE can auto-generate highlights of players from these events, as well as integrate its brand partners into highlight videos from the tournaments with the push of a button. SPORTFIVE also can resize and distribute this content over two dozen social channels, all in the ideal dimensions of each platform.

SPORTFIVE had previously appointed Magnifi as its social content solution provider for the AFF U-23 Championships in 2023.

“SPORTFIVE’s renewal is the ultimate vote of confidence,” said Vinayak Shrivastava, the CEO of Magnifi. “It affirms that Magnifi provides lasting value to the largest teams, franchises, and brands across all sports. Their choice strengthens our resolve to continue innovating and elevating our AI-based video editor so that businesses keep enhancing the productivity, efficiency, and creativity of sports coverage.”

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