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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Swedish AR/VR Firm Bublar Group Expands in Asia

Swedish “Extended Reality” company Bublar is expanding its operations in Asia and will open an office in Singapore, via its subsidiary Vobling. The company says the market and interest for enterprise solutions within Extended Reality, XR, is large in the region and especially in the field of Virtual Training solutions.

For several years, Bublar has been an established player in Asia through Vobling’s operations in Manila, the Philippines. Existing customers include both local and international customers from Asia and Europe. The Singapore establishment will offer greater opportunities to broaden the existing customer base and reach new customers in the Asian market.

The offering to companies in Singapore, will include Vobling’s Virtual Training solution as well as other more tailor-made enterprise solutions. In addition, also SaaS-solutions for e-commerce which is provided by the subsidiary Sayduck, within Bublar Group. In the field of e-commerce, there are also opportunities to attract new customers and grow the customer base in Asia.

“Asia is an important region for us. The market potential for our business solutions is vast, while many countries in the region are far ahead in their digitalisation, which makes it easier for them to understand, value and implement our solutions. We already have a number of customers and strategic partners in Singapore which gives us a good start,” said Anders Ribbing, Managing Director at Vobling.

The operations in Singapore start up in February and will initially focus on sales, while the operations in Manila will continue to focus on the development and delivery of solutions. Alexander Hamilton, currently Managing Director of Vobling Asia in the Philippines, will also step in as Managing Director of the company in Singapore. A country manager will also be appointed.


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