Thursday, May 23, 2024

Taiwan Musical Acts Partner with YouTube for Analytics

The Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) has entered into a program with YouTube aimed at increasing the international profile of five groups of Taiwanese artists.

Under the umbrella of YouTube Music Sessions, the artists have produced online showcase videos with multilingual subtitles for a global audience. Analytics will be used to monitor online traffic and performances afterwards.

“In the post-pandemic world,” said TAICCA CEO Izero Lee, “consumers have visibly shifted their information channels. Therefore, conversion rates in the digital market are particularly crucial. Besides supporting artists in their international creative journeys, TAICCA also utilizes data analytics from YouTube to effectively convert online volumes into production values. This endeavour will attract more international attention to music in Taiwan, and facilitate potential international collaborations”

Sun Lee, Head of Music (Korea & Greater China) and Artist Relations (APAC) at YouTube, said YouTube hopes to help Taiwanese artists craft an export strategy by using data to gain an in-depth understanding of their audiences and audience’s preferences, as well as strengthening strategic channel and content management.

To produce the videos, TAICCA and YouTube used multiple teams in Taiwan. Award-winning director Su Po Wei of Hi-Organic collaborated with YOUNG HOPE, 3H Sound Studio, Nine Tai Audio, and MUSDM. They experimented on five different long take techniques for live performances, and incorporated Ambidio surround effects. The storyline intertwined fiction and reality to portray unique scenarios in Taiwan for unconventional audiovisual experiences.

Marketing efforts will focus on Southeast Asia after release. TAICCA and YouTube will compile traffic data, and use Chartmetric, a social data platform for music industry, to monitor changes and engagement in social media and streaming platforms. The data will also give a better picture about viewer demographics, reactions, and locations in Southeast Asia, as a reference for music industries in Taiwan to future market expansion campaigns.


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