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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Telaria and Consortium of Australian Publishers Launch ‘Editorial Video Marketplace’

Telaria, Inc., the software platform designed to optimise yield for leading video publishers, together with a consortium of Australian publishers, including Seven West Media, Network 10, SBS, Foxtel Media, Pedestrian Group and Daily Mail, has launched of a programmatic ‘Editorial Video Marketplace’ to simplify buyers’ access to this professionally produced premium content with extensive daytime audience reach and scale.

Editorial videos are viewed on the publishers’ owned and operated platforms and placed in high engagement environments in contrast to the quick browsing feed type design used by the social sites.  These videos are particularly effective for daytime reach because they are generally viewed at the beginning of the day and noon and serve as an effective compliment to a BVOD (broadcaster video on demand) evening buying strategy.

“This is an important collaboration between the leading publishers in the market. We are responding to feedback from buyers, and providing the scale that is comparable to the reach of the social platforms. The marketplaces will be tiered based on a benchmarking system to ensure quality and performance to drive the best outcomes for both buyers and sellers. The initiative also comes at the perfect time with the recent ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry which has been critical of the social platforms’ impact on local journalism,” said James Young, GM of Australia at Telaria.

“SWM is proud to be collaborating with the industry on this important initiative from our partners at Telaria. The demand from advertisers has been clear – that there is a need for quality video delivering high viewability and completion rates within brand safe editorial environments at scale. It is important that the premium value and impact of editorial video is able to differentiate itself from other forms of short-form like social video. This marketplace, available programmatically, will be a means to make that easily accessible for buyers and advertisers at scale,” noted Luke Smith, Head of Programmatic Sales and Audiences at Seven West Media.

“It’s a breath of fresh air for an industry where multiple players have come together to create a platform for premium short-form video in response to buyer feedback. It’s encouraging to finally start seeing publishers working collaboratively to provide alternative independent options in this space — creating ease of access, and most importantly, a new narrative for editorial video, giving it the credit it deserves, and perhaps start influencing more social budgets being redirected to new premium ecosystems,” said Flaminia Sapori, Head of Partnerships at Cadreon.

Telaria and the consortium of publishers are also working with the IAB to encourage and achieve industry wide adoption of this initiative through data implementation and research studies.


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