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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Telstra and Medialinks Celebrate Ten Years of DVN Partnership

This year’s InterBEE show in Japan has played host to Japanese broadcast technology company Medialinks celebrating 10 years of operational and technological innovation in partnership with Telstra Corporation, a global telecommunications and technology company, for their Digital Video Network (DVN) platform deployed across Australia. Medialinks’ IP-based broadcast Network infrastructure was chosen by Telstra 10 years ago to form the backbone of Australia’s permanent and itinerant Broadcast Network.

Karen Clark, Head of APAC and ANZ, Telstra Broadcast Services, met with CEO of Medialinks Tsuakasa Sugawara at Japan’s InterBee Broadcast conference event where Tsukasa showed his company’s appreciation for the support from Telstra for over 10 years of the ongoing collaborative work between the two companies for the demands of the Australian broadcast industry going forward.

Telstra’s DVN is one of the largest single broadcast networks in the world. Medialinks technology is deployed in over 600 locations across the country giving broadcasters the ability to deliver live and uninterrupted 4K broadcasts for sporting events, live to air news services and other broadcast services with multi redundancy and security.

“We take a lot of pride in what we are delivering with Telstra to the Australian Broadcast Industry. The network is incredibly unique and robust having delivered millions of broadcast hours with no drop out of signal for critical delivery of content. That is quite an achievement which stems from how the network was designed, the robust technology at the core, and the people that continue to support and operate the platform with such deep knowledge,” said CEO of Media Links Tsukasa Sugawara.

“Media Links infrastructure forms a core component of Telstra’s Digital Video Network, supporting the 24/7 broadcast transmission to our Australian clients which include all metro and regional broadcasters covering critical news, sport and entertainment. We celebrate this major milestone in our partnership, our collaboration has meant we have been able to provide a unique capability that is unmatched in the industry,” said Telstra Broadcast Services’ Karen Clark.

“It’s wonderful to be working with dedicated partners that understand the unique needs of the industry and support the innovation needed in a changing landscape.”

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