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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Telstra Announces Agreement with Starlink

Telstra has announced it has signed an agreement to become the first provider in the world to offer voice-only and voice plus broadband powered by Starlink to rural and remote Telstra customers in Australia.

Telstra CEO Vicki Brady stated that the Starlink agreement was part of Telstra’s T25 strategy commitment to launch a satellite product with the voice and broadband options available to consumer and business customers.

“Telstra is continually investing in new and improved connectivity options for our customers. We know that partnering with the right entities is one of the most effective ways to unlock a digital future, especially for people in rural and remote Australia in need of enhanced voice or broadband service,” Ms Brady said.

“Our teams have travelled across the country testing and trialling Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology to ensure we comprehend where it’s the optimal solution for our consumer and business customers.

“What will set our offer apart is the inclusion of Telstra voice service, a professional install option and the capacity to get local help with your set up if needed.

Additionally, this agreement will offer connectivity options for our business customers in Australia and overseas, as a higher bandwidth business-grade option in areas without fixed and mobile connectivity.

Telstra will announce pricing and device details closer to the launch, which is expected to be in late 2023.

Telstra currently utilises a variety of technologies to provide voice and broadband services in rural and remote Australia, including nbn Fixed Wireless, Telstra’s own world-leading mobile network and older copper and radio networks.

Starlink will supply an additional connectivity option for individuals and businesses in rural and remote locations where distance and terrain pose challenges for existing networks.

One of the benefits of LEO satellites is their proximity to Earth, which enables them to send and receive signals much faster. This makes them an excellent option for services that require low-latency, like voice and video calls or providing backhaul to mobile networks.


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