Monday, May 20, 2024

Telstra InfraCo Lights Up Dark Fibre

Access to Telstra InfraCo’s nation-wide fibre optic network is opening up with the launch of Dark Fibre which the company is touting as “a significant milestone in Telstra’s T22 transformation”.

Dark Fibre is Telstra InfraCo’s first product since it was established as a standalone business unit to manage the majority of Telstra’ infrastructure assets.

Telstra InfraCo Fibre Executive Kathryn Jones said Dark Fibre would unlock new value and opportunities from Telstra’s extensive and trusted fixed network for customers.

“Spanning across our nation is 250,000km of untapped potential that we can now begin to offer our customers,” Ms Jones said. “With our massive fibre footprint underpinning our new offering, it opens up a wealth of capabilities and control. Imagine our cable network as a multi-lane highway with some of those lanes now able to be licensed for an organisation’s dedicated use. It’s free of other traffic, making it ultra-fast, flexible and secure.

“With more than 250 pre-defined paths available right now in six state capitals, connected to 68 metro data centres, 78 NBN Points of Interconnect and two cable landing stations, opening up our fixed network to customers in this way is a profound step in unlocking untapped value in our network assets.

“Available in most capital cities initially, we will soon expand the availability and use cases of Dark Fibre across the nation, beyond just metro locations.”

Catering for network operators and service providers, such as global carriers, data centre operators, internet service providers (ISPs) and over the top providers, Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre gives customers control over their network – allowing them to self-manage bandwidth as well as add network protocols and features they want to create specialised offerings. As the fibre pairs are not shared, data is also completely private.


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