Friday, April 12, 2024

Tencent Cloud Joins Forces with BeLive Technology

Livestreaming has emerged in recent years as an effective way to market, communicate, and sell products online. Tencent Cloud – the cloud business of global technology company Tencent – recently announced its collaboration with BeLive Technology to revolutionise the way people connect online, thus empowering enterprises in accelerating their business and driving incremental revenue growth amid the booming video market. With BeLive Technology’s years of expertise on live-streaming and video marketing across different industries and scales, along with Tencent Cloud Media Services’ one-stop audio and video solutions, the collaboration aims to raise the bar in live-streaming all over Southeast Asia and beyond.

Video livestreaming provides businesses with a powerful marketing tool, connecting them to and providing personalized interaction with customers all around the globe. With offices in Singapore and Vietnam as well as a growing global partner network, BeLive Technology has served numerous brands and enterprises all over the world. Live streams powered by BeLive Technology have reached more than 100 million viewers worldwide, amounting to 50 million hours of content.

Tencent Cloud Media Services’ low-latency, stable, and high-quality support enables BeLive Technology to open more doors for businesses of all sizes to use live-streaming and interactive technology in their video marketing strategies. This is also in line with Tencent Cloud’s ongoing effort to truly realise ‘Immersive Convergence’ to incubate a new industrial ecology and shape a new way of life.

The new partnership opens up opportunities for BeLive Technology to tap into Tencent Cloud Media Services’ wide range of offerings, including Stream Services, featuring professional live streaming, real-time media processing, on-cloud recording and simulcasting to other social media platforms; Video on Demand (VOD), which includes video storage, media asset management, statistics analysis; and Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC), which highlights its real-time audio/video call capabilities, with multi-host and multi-guest to support interactive audio/video streaming and real-time microphone connection.

In addition to the industry-leading live-streaming and video solutions backed by Tencent Cloud Media Services’ over 20 years of experience in audio and video fields, BeLive Technology has been able to tap into Tencent Cloud’s expertise and technological advantages in achieving rapid scaling and enhancing its capabilities – with continuous and consistent assistance from its marketing team as well as its reasonable pricing.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, said, “We are pleased to join forces with BeLive Technology to provide interactive live entertainment that brings virtual events closer to the audience, taking live-streaming to a new level. The collaboration reinstates our ongoing efforts to fully realise ‘Immersive Convergence,’ driving new connections that integrate digital and physical forms. We are looking forward to supporting enterprises of all sizes with our high-quality and reliable services, ultimately integrating the digital economy with reality, and always staying one step ahead in this digital era.”

Kenneth Tan, CEO, and Co-founder of BeLive Technology, said, “BeLive Technology is committed to elevating the live-streaming standard in Southeast Asia. To achieve this feat as a service provider, we are pleased to be benefiting from Tencent Cloud’s high-quality, secure and highly reliable solutions that would help us support businesses from all walks of life.”

Tencent Cloud will continue to optimise its audio and video technology, providing businesses with a one-stop media solution that helps strengthen the inter-connection among enterprises, users, developers and everything under the era of ‘Immersive Convergence’.


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