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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The P.A. People Run Another City2Surf

The Sun-Herald City2Surf, the worlds’ largest fun run, was once again an event with some interesting challenges. Moving 80,000 runners and spectators in and out of Sydney’s CBD and the iconic Bondi Beach tourist location, has its logistical issues. The P.A. People is a small but integral part of the substantial exercise.

As in previous years, The P.A. People’s role was a mix of crowd control announcement systems, spectator entertainment PA’s and a site-wide emergency radio paging system. This year The P.A. People assisted with a new challenge when Westpac, a major sponsor of the event, requested a phone link from the Westpac Rescue Helicopter to the control position on the finish line for broadcast to the ‘Event Village Stage’.

The P.A. People worked closely with other technical partners to achieve the post-presentation live cross to the helicopter. This added another aspect to a great day for runners and spectators alike – and a positive outcome for the event organisers.


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