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Friday, May 31, 2024

TIMG Chalks Up Decade with FUJIFILM LTO Tape

The Information Management Group (TIMG) is a company that acknowledges its heritage while embracing a philosophy of robust innovation and progress. The company is known as proven Information Management problem solvers who continue to grow by providing innovative, smart and cost-effective Information Management solutions. One such solution they have successfully used for over a decade is FUJIFILM LTO tape.

TIMG Tech & Storage Supplies Manager, Danny Jeong, explained, “TIMG’s core business is storing LTO tapes securely offsite as a service. Naturally we transitioned in supplying new media to our customers and FUJIFILM was one of the biggest brands in the market. Our relationship with FUJIFILM began over ten years ago and their LTO tapes are still our most trusted and reliable form of backup media.”

TIMG manages sensitive records for both Government and corporate clients, who by default, demand the highest level of information security and process auditability and transparency of both physical and digital information. TIMG’s operations are also certified and are compliant with the highest Australian and International Information Management standards.

Jeong continued, “FUJIFILM is the only brand that I know that is still manufacturing and supplying LTO tapes under one branded name. The reliability of their LTO tapes and FUJIFILM Australia’s after sales service is exceptional. This is critical to our business as, as a business grows and technology changes, the requirements for data management also change. We can restore backup sets from your old media to a format that can be implemented into your existing backup set and we can ensure your data is restored to a format that works best for your business. We can also give old data new life with restoration and long-term storage by migrating data from older media to current backup media such as FUJIFILM LTO tapes, which are ideal for all of the above.”

In short Danny Jeong definitely sees FUJIFILM LTO tape as a storage solution for the long term as he concluded, “In terms of true cold storage FUJIFILM LTO tapes are the most cost efficient per gigabyte to back up. Apart from competitive pricing, FUJIFILM’s constant support for TIMG also gives us the confidence we need to keep supplying their LTO tapes to our customers. Our customers rely on TIMG for the best product and we require a vendor that can support that. FUJIFILM is that vendor and their LTO tapes are that product.”


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