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Sunday, July 21, 2024

TPG Telecom Boosts Bandwidth with Sydney Harbour Submarine Cable

TPG Telecom has delivered a significant increase in data capacity to the bustling North Sydney business district after successfully laying a new, high-capacity submarine cable across one of Australia’s busiest waterways, Sydney Harbour.

TPG Telecom’s Sydney Harbour Cable Project involved laying a new armoured, submarine fibreoptic cable, stretching from McMahon’s Point on the North side to Dawes Point on the South side of the Harbour.

The project, two years in the making, involved TPG Telecom’s Fibre Engineering Services team, dive support teams, and specialised ships with winches, deploying the custom-made optical fibre cable across the Harbour, while ensuring minimal disturbance to the seabed and marine life.

The successful completion of the project means an additional 1728 fibres are now serving the high-data demands of businesses and consumers in North Sydney and the CBD.

By laying the new fibre cable directly across the seabed of Sydney Harbour, TPG Telecom reduced the conventional land route for fibre installations by six times. Shortening the route creates a lower latency experience for customers, meaning faster data transfer and more reliable connectivity for businesses and consumers.

“The completion of our Sydney Harbour Cable Project dramatically increases the capacity of our network, creating greater connectivity and speeds for our customers across the Harbour,” said TPG Telecom Chief Technology Officer, Giovanni Chiarelli. “This project will help future proof our network, improve reliability and ensure our customers consistently receive great connectivity even during periods of peak network usage.”

The new route also increases redundancy and diversity across the Harbour, with TPG Telecom owning and operating two separate links over Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

“Providing separate paths for our high-speed, and high-capacity data services into North Sydney is crucial to protect against unforeseen outages and to provide our customers with connectivity they can rely on,” Mr Chiarelli said.

“Our customers will notice the difference in performance when accessing high-bandwidth applications like video conferencing and real-time collaboration for businesses, to online gaming and video streaming for individuals.

“This will help future proof our network for one of the busiest data routes in the country. It creates a fully functional, scalable, reliable, and high-speed network for our customers and strengthens TPG Telecom’s position as the provider of choice for businesses and organisations requiring robust, future-ready connectivity solutions.”


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