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Thursday, July 25, 2024

TPG Telecom Launches West Australian Private Cloud Region

Local and international businesses across Western Australia can now access competitive, high-speed, resilient, cloud computing services from TPG Telecom following the launch of the telco’s first private cloud service region in Perth.

The availability of the new region comes as TPG Telecom announced yesterday a partnership with DCA Networks, a 100 percent owned subsidiary of DC Alliance (DCA) which will host private cloud in its PIER Facility.

Through the partnership, DCA will be TPG Telecom’s secure data centre facility provider in Western Australia and will house critical network infrastructure for services in Canning Vale, the surrounding Perth metropolitan regions and other regions in the state.

This means current and future customers of both TPG Telecom and DCA can tap into the benefits of on-premise IT services – including high bandwidth, low latency on-demand compute, and storage from DCA’s highly secure PIER data centre – without the capital costs typically associated with on-premises infrastructure and management.

“We are excited to extend our partnership with DCA to deliver fast, reliable and scalable enterprise connectivity solutions to West Australian organisations,” said Jeremy Howe, TPG Telecom General Manager, Commercial Enterprise and Government.

“This launch means that critical data and IT applications of WA-native businesses will be housed close to their premises, delivering high performance and secure management of their digital infrastructure.”

TPG Telecom expects the launch of the Perth-based private cloud service will bring enterprise-grade connectivity, choice and a competitive boost for businesses, state and local government organisations in Western Australia. Many cloud service providers are currently operating out of the east coast of Australia, meaning the launch of this private cloud service will allow Perth-based entities to manage their data and critical IT applications much closer to home.

Roy Wong, Executive Chairman of DC Alliance, said: “DCA | PIER is now truly ready for business and to host local and international partners and corporations. I would like to thank TPG for their confidence and validation in choosing DCA | PIER.”

TPG Telecom’s region within DCA’s PIER facility will be integrated with the telco’s core fibre network. This means a customer’s site can directly link to TPG Telecom’s private cloud service via an ultra-high bandwidth low latency connection, allowing for robust connectivity and the security benefits of TPG’s resilient core network.

TPG Telecom’s private cloud is best suited to organisations that want to avoid the complexity, cost and challenges of operating on-premise or co-location infrastructure.

Through the private cloud, Perth businesses and institutions can control their computing and storage resources through a high-speed fibre extension to TPG Telecom’s infrastructure.

TPG Telecom’s private cloud service supports the latest equipment from industry-leading vendors including Cisco and NetApp, and connectivity options to public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS forming a true hybrid or multi-cloud platform.

The launch of the Perth-based private cloud services is the second region added by TPG Telecom in the last three months. It means TPG Telecom now operates six similar private cloud regions across the country, including three in New South Wales, one in Victoria and another in Queensland.

For more information on TPG’s private cloud head here.


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