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TV5 Philippines Launches New Game Plan with Sony

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TV5 acquired a range of IP-enabled 4K/HD products to enhance its sports coverage from its OB vans.
This winning combination came about after extensive trials.

Made up of over 7000 islands and with a population of over 100 million people, the Philippines has seen its internet usage surge. As most of its population live in rural areas, television continues to be the go-to place for content. This has helped the country build a vibrant and challenging broadcast industry.

Part of MediaQuest Holdings, TV5 Network Inc. has been consistently rated as one of the top 3 free-to-air broadcasters in the Philippines. Dubbed the Kapatid Network (Sibling in Filipino), the network was originally called Associated Broadcasting Corporation (ABC was formed in 1960).

ABC was rebranded as TV5 Network in 2008. As part of the rebrand, the network launched its new slogan called “Get It On 5!”. This also coincided with its five-brand strategy which consists of News 5 (News), ESPN5 (Sports), On5 (Entertainment and other content), D5 Studio (Digital) and the newly-revived Studio5 (Films and Originals).

To reach out to a wider audience especially in the rural areas, TV5 mapped out a new strategy. It actively collaborated with other TV networks, partnered international content providers as well as opened new TV channels.
It also embarked on an upgrading programme as the country made its transition from Analog to Digital. In 2015, it opened the TV5 Media Centre in Mandaluyong to house all its TV studios and radio stations.

A big focus for TV5 is sports. With its tie-up with ESPN, TV5 aims to give sports lovers in the Philippines the best of two worlds – international and local coverage.

“TV5 hosts the Philippine edition of ESPN,” a spokesperson for TV5 Network Inc highlighted. “Our dedicated ESPN5 channel carries international sports as well as popular local sports like Philippines Basketball Association games, Philippines SuperLiga, GILAS and boxing among others.

“To help us enhance our local sports coverage we have acquired Sony’s HDC-4300 4K/HD System Camera. We have teamed this up with the PWS-4500 live production server by Sony which is part of our OB van set-up.

“Sony is globally recognised as a major player in sports coverage. Their proven credentials and well-designed products gave us the confidence to invest in new equipment for our sports channel.

“The learning curve with the new Sony equipment was very short. This really helped us hit the ground running. The ultimate feedback is from our viewers. They love the quality of our enhanced HD coverage. We’ve transported them to the stadium.”


Sony Philippines TV5_IMG_7538_smallTo draw its viewers closer to the action, TV5 deployed Sony’s HDC-4300 4K/HD System Camera at a Philippines Basketball Association game in Manila.

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