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Saturday, July 20, 2024

TVRI Selects ETERE for Graphics Playout

Indonesia’s state-owned broadcaster, TVRI, has chose Etere ETX-G for its MAM for graphics capabilities and graphics playout integration with Airsales system.

Etere ETX-G is a 4K-ready professional commercial graphics playout software that enables SDI-support, real-time previews, instant addition and deletion of graphics before playout. TVRI leverages Etere ETX-G to manage its graphics playout with Etere Airsales integration for an integrated and accurate invoicing process. 

ETX-G features an integrated graphics MAM that organises all graphics clips in a single location for streamlined operations and real-time updates. It allows users to retrieve graphic files quickly and to improve operational efficiency, especially as it may be necessary to move large volumes of graphic files across departments. MAM serves as a centralized monitoring and reporting tool, thus making it easy for companies to monitor the workflow easily. Metadata tracking from a centralized MAM database also makes it easy for operators to browse, preview and retrieve files quickly. 

Additionally, graphics objects from ETX-G are saved in the media library with the capacity to group assets according to user preferences for a customised asset search. ETX-G comes equipped with real-time preview of visible alpha channel in asset form.  

As part of Etere MERP, ETX-G supports an integrated and streamlined workflow. ETX-G ‘s seamless integration with Etere Airsales supports the logging of invoices for both automatically and manually triggered graphics. It supports automatic invoice logs for a streamlined commercial graphics approval workflow. TVRI operators are also able to approve commercial graphics on the fly while ensuring the accuracy of the playout via preview control. During broadcast, Etere provides an overview of every stage of the workflow, thus ensuring accurate invoicing when performing manual advertising. 


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