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TVRI Selects Etere for Media Asset Management and Archiving

TVRI is the state television station of Indonesia and a user of Etere since 2005. As a mark of renewed confidence in Etere solutions, the TV station has selected Etere Media Assst Management (MAM) and Etere Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) to manage its media management, archive and restoration workflows. Etere MAM is an orchestrator of all content management workflows throughout the end-to-end lifecycle including ingest, index, storage and retrieval of all digital assets. Etere empowers TVRI to use the best technologies to effectively manage its archive and media workflows.

Etere MAM orchestrates content movement, transmission, archiving and access according to the requirements of the business. Equipped with a highly responsive search engine, users can easily navigate the user-friendly interface of the media library to search, access, edit, preview, retrieve, archive and deliver any media asset. Metadata such as format, description and genre can be added, enabling assets to be identified, grouped and linked instantly. With Etere workflow, all updates are automatically updated in real-time, reducing manual work and enabling faster delivery to market. Not only that, all assets are also checked for file quality issues such as freeze frame, black frames and audio loss before they are released for delivery.

Etere MAM manages the rights management of all users with a single interface and rights can be configured to match the needs of the business. With Etere MAM, all aspects of the business are connected and managed centrally even if departments are located across different locations, leading to greater operational efficiency. With Etere MAM, users are empowered with the software system that provides the best responsiveness to make strategic decisions on the re-purposing of their content and to increase the value of their media assets.

The powerful search engine and media management system returns accurate user search results with lightning speed. Assets can be searched for and retrieved based on any specified category of metadata, including the asset format, description or unique ID. Graphics are managed seamlessly from the same interface with Etere STMan which enables on-air broadcasting of graphics with the retrieval of data from Etere MAM. Etere STMan provides broadcasters with a multi-layer and real-time management of all secondary objects associated with scheduled events. Users can add unlimited secondary events as required for broadcast.

TVRI has selected Etere HSM, including Sony Linear Tape-Open (LTO)/Optical Disc Archive (ODA) library driver for the management of its archives. Etere HSM allows users to mix different archive storage file systems under a single system with a centralised control to provide the best flexibility in a product. The solution at TVRI includes archive and restoration workflows. Etere HSM provides a host of benefits for TVRI including:

  • A single view and management of a multi-library environment.
  • Insertion of metadata when archiving media files in the Tape Library.
  • Up to three copies of tapes can be stored in the library or off the shelf for increased security.
  • Auto-update of the file status to reflect a real-time status.
  • Users can archive high and low resolution copies as well as Master and TX copies.
  • Supports the latest archival technologies with regular software updates to be aligned with market demands.

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