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Sunday, July 14, 2024

TVU MediaMind and TVU Search Power ANI’s Ingest and Clipping

TVU Networks has integrated its innovative TVU MediaMind and TVU Search platform into ANI, South Asia’s top multimedia news agency. This advanced tool enhances ANI’s video processes, ensuring swift and engaging news delivery. It simplifies content discovery by analysing video metadata, speech, text, and faces, freeing news teams to focus on storytelling. The 630 percent surge in video hours ingested by TVU MediaMind and TVU Search in 2022 over 2021 underlines the growing relevance of cloud solutions in content creation.

The integration allows ANI to harness the platform’s live ingest feeds, clipping features, and the TVU Search portal, providing real-time access to the latest news. Clipped video content is automatically uploaded to ANI’s AWS S3 Bucket, offering customers quick and accessible news updates on their new multimedia web portal.

TVU’s all-in-one platform has improved ANI’s operational efficiency, replacing complex manual processes with a centralised solution for managing video content. ANI is now poised to further evolve their ingest capabilities into this automation platform, enhancing their multimedia offerings and audience engagement.

The partnership between ANI and TVU has transformed video ingest and clipping processes, providing high-quality news to ANI’s clientele. TVU MediaMind and TVU Search have proven integral to ANI’s news production, facilitating the timely and engaging delivery of news.

Ishan Prakash, Editor, ANI Live Services said, “TVU gave us a fast and efficient solution to an immediate need from our editorial team. The speed, reliability and quality of their ingest and clipping solution is unmatched in the market and allows us to provide a world-class multimedia product to ANI subscribers across South Asia. ANI is constantly evolving its news agency offering, and companies like TVU are an important element to our technological upgrades. TVU technology is always in line with the changing ways in which news is consumed.”

Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks, expressed his pride in having their technology recognised and valued by a prestigious organisation like ANI: “We are truly honoured to collaborate with ANI on their transformative journey in news production. Ani’s adoption of TVU MediaMind and TVU Search serves as a validation of our direction in developing cloud-native and hybrid technology for remote production. We’re thrilled to partner with ANI – a media powerhouse that shares our visionary outlook for the future of news production.”


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