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Friday, May 31, 2024

Two Million More Australian Households Eligible for Full Fibre NBN

More than two million additional Australian households are now eligible to order a full fibre NBN connection as part of the NBN fibre upgrade programme – which was boosted by a recent additional Australian Government investment of AUD$2.4 billion.

NBN says it is on track to enable up to 10 million premises, or up to 90 per cent of fixed-line homes and businesses across Australia to access NBN Home Ultrafast, offering wholesale download speeds of 500 Mbps to close to 1 Gbps, by the end of 2025.

Anna Perrin, NBN Chief Customer Officer, said: “Customers are consuming more data than ever to do the things they love like streaming 4K on multiple devices, online education, next level gaming, conference calls, and uploading and downloading large files for work.

“The need for broadband will reach levels never seen before over the next decade as the internet transforms the world and how we live, so we are growing the network to stay ahead of that demand.

“With the NBN network carrying more than 80 per cent of our country’s download data – and Australians consuming more of it than ever – the availability of full fibre for more homes across Australia has never been more important.

“On our fastest residential speed on full fibre, you can stream 4K videos with ease, and play online games with less lag.

“You may also be able to download a Call of Duty – Cold War (130GB) game update in under 30 minutes – compared to potentially 7 hours on a 50 Mbps tier.

“Uploading and downloading files can also be much quicker – a 200MB file may download 9 times more quickly – while uploading the same file can potentially be done nearly twice as quickly.

“Data use on the NBN network has tripled in six years. The average household now has 21 connected devices and that’s growing year on year, we encourage customers to check with their internet provider to see if their plan has enough speed and data inclusions.”

To find out if your area is included in the upgrade, visit


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