Thursday, May 23, 2024

Valerie Taylor Exhibition at National Maritime Museum

Valerie Taylor has recorded the marine environment and shared her knowledge with the public for over 60 years, staunchly advocating for better protection of the ocean, its animals and their habitats.

Celebrated globally, Valerie has become one of the most iconic underwater storytellers, shark researchers and conservationists and paved the way for future generations of divers, filmmakers and environmentalists.

Opening at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney from November 30, the ‘Valerie Taylor: An Underwater Life’ exhibition tells the extraordinary story of the life of Valerie Taylor. Through objects and images from the museum’s collection, the exhibition showcases the work of Valerie and her husband Ron and their significant contributions to marine conservation, diving and underwater filming.

According to Valerie Taylor, “The first great white shark I saw was like a freight train coming out of the mist … it was magnificent.”

Highlights of the exhibition include Valerie and Ron Taylor’s cameras and underwater housings, Valerie’s iconic blue fins and dive suits, and the stainless-steel chainmail suit she wore to get up close and personal with sharks, movie posters from over four decades working in Hollywood, from Jaws to The Island of Dr Moreau, and over 500 images from our collection of animals, people, places and worlds now under threat.

Valerie Taylor: An Underwater Life is not just one woman’s story, it is a call to action for all the potential ocean changemakers out there—to inspire all of us to advocate for the oceans in our own way.


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