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Videocraft Orders Australia’s First FUJINON Duvo HZK25-1000MM CineBox PL Lens

Videocraft has become Australia’s first company to order the new FUJINON Duvo HZK25-1000mmF2.8-5.0 CineBox PL Lens (Duvo 25-1000). Launched at NAB show earlier this year, the Duvo 25-1000 is a new category of native PL-mount box lens that combines broadcast functionality with beautiful bokeh, delivering a cinematic look to live and scripted productions.

As Videocraft sales director James Taylor explained, “Live production with large sensor cameras has been something that we have always been passionate about, and for a number of years, we have been looking for a box lens that worked with our large sensor cameras. When the Duvo 25-1000 was announced, we were very excited about this lens coming through, as we feel that this is a real game changer for large sensor live production. The new Duvo 25-1000 lens is the most exciting lens that has come onto the market in the last twenty years, in my opinion.”

The Duvo 25-1000 utilises innovative optical design technology to achieve a maximum aperture of F2.8 and 40x zoom ratio. This ultra-high zoom ratio lens is compatible with the large sensors of digital cinema cameras yet provides a brightness of F2.8 at a wide angle. Not only does it enable filming in low-light environments such as indoor concerts or night-time events, but the shallow depth of field creates the bokeh that delivers the highly sought-after cinematic look.

As Taylor mentioned, before purchasing the new lens, Videocraft’s requirements were for a unit that was much faster than existing long focal length zoom lenses and had image stabilisation and full servo control so their technicians would not have to spend additional time adding motors and calibrating the system.

Taylor continued, “When the Duvo 25-1000 was released, this was the first lens that truly met our needs. The 25mm focal length at the wide end means we can easily get the wide shot of the stage, but then going to 1000mm we can get the tight shot as well, so it becomes the lens that does everything. Even more importantly, the image stabiliser makes the long focal length usable through the range. So, whilst we already have lenses in our inventory that go to 1000mm, the lack of an image stabiliser makes it very hard to use at focal lengths past 600mm, but when we use the Duvo 25-1000, we can use the full range. Secondly, the Duvo 25-1000 is much faster than anything else that gets to 1000mm, so we get so much more control over depth of field with this amazing new lens.”

Videocraft has invested a significant amount over the past year in refreshing their entire lens fleet, and FUJINON has been a key partner in this major investment.

Taylor added, “As part of our major lens refresh, we have purchased FUJINON UA46x and UA125x UHD B4 mount zooms, as well as bolstering our FUJINON Cabrio 19-90 and 25-300 zoom lens range. The new Duvo 25-1000 is really the jewel in the crown of our lens fleet, though, and we are very excited about this particular investment.”

When asked why Videocraft chose such a significant range of FUJINON lenses, Taylor said, “We have always been happy with the quality of FUJINON lenses and the support from the FUJIFILM Australia team. Our FUJINON cinema lenses do a lot of work in all fields, including episodic drama, multi-camera broadcast and sport, so they must be the best available on the market.”

Videocraft has always looked and continues to look very closely at market trends and feedback from its customers as James Taylor concluded, “Our inventory investment is guided by these factors, and FUJINON has been a great partner in delivering products that meet these needs. We purchased FUJINON lenses for their blend of excellent quality, great local support, and value for money. The Duvo 25-1000 pushes this to a new level as for the client that needs a fast lens with a long focal length, nothing comes close. We love it. The Duvo range is the next step forward in our lens investment with FUJINON.”

FUJIFILM Australia’s General Manager, Electronic Imaging & Optical Devices Division, Shaun Mah, said, “Time and time again, Videocraft demonstrate why they have been at the forefront in Australia’s production landscape for so many years by always buying the best equipment to meet their clients’ and the market’s needs. We are delighted to be one of Videocraft’s key technology partners and very much look forward to seeing their Duvo 25-1000 in action in Australia very soon.”


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