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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Vietnam Powers DVB-T2 with GatesAir

GatesAir, the provider of over-the-air content delivery solutions for TV and radio broadcasters, has announced a strategic DVB-T2 TV transmission win in Vietnam in cooperation with channel partner Emico.

VTV (Vietnam Television), Vietnam’s national state television broadcaster, recently completed a national DVB-T2 network expansion to four new transmission sites. The new sites are located in various northern regions of the country.

Emico installed and commissioned Maxiva ULTX liquid-cooled UHF TV transmitters (2.4KW of digital power). The solid-state Maxiva transmitters will deliver nine VTV programs and one local program, providing clear digital TV service to previously underserved regions.

VTV first installed Maxiva liquid-cooled transmitters for analogue TV in 2009, and have more recently installed liquid-cooled transmitters for digital TV. All Maxiva transmitters in the network will share the same hot-swappable power supplies and amplifier modules, minimizing labor and repairs while maximizing operational efficiency.

Emico has been GatesAir’s local transmission partner for VTV since the 1990s, and is a longtime GatesAir customer. In addition to modern high-efficiency GatesAir transmitters, VTV operates a number of legacy Harris transmitters across Vietnam.


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