Sunday, April 21, 2024

Vietnam to Trial 4K Standard from September

Saigon Cable Television (SCTV) says it will broadcast television programmes using the 4K standard in Vietnam this September, the first test of its kind in Vietnam. SCTV will initially broadcast in 4K on one channel and then on others, with content produced by both Vietnamese and foreign channels.

The test will commence in September and the audience will officially enjoy the new standard next year. Under the plan,  Vietnam will be one of the first countries in Southeast Asia providing 4K standard television programmes.

During the trial period, SCTV will provide free 4K services. However, to benefit from the new technology, the viewer must use SCTV television services, have a 4K TV set and a new digital set-top.

In the future, 4K standard will be not only provided on cable TV channels but also through satellite television or the Internet in the form of on-demand content.

In Vietnam’s domestic market, about 1/3 models of TV sets are UltraHD 4K resolution TV screens. However, 4K content is not common as all television services in Vietnam currently supply content in HD standard. 


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