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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Vietnam’s VTV4 Expands Etere Media Library

VTV4, a TV channel managed by VTV, the national broadcaster of Vietnam, has expanded the scope of its media library managed by Etere HSM, a part of the Etere Ecosystem.

The system now comprises 375 slots. Etere HSM effectively manages archives in an integrated environment. Its centralised dashboard gives direct access to real-time data from multiple libraries, all on a single system. Additionally, Etere supports a mix of archive technology, including Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage, Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) storage, Disk Archive, Object Storage, and Cloud Storage. The centralised dashboard features real-time data across all your archive systems, including on-site archives, management of offline tapes, and libraries across multiple locations worldwide.

With integrated workflow orchestration, users can manage and automate multi-vendor and multi-format file transformations across unlimited storage tiers in a hybrid cloud environment.


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