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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Vietnam’s VTV5 Selects Etere for Three Channels

VTV5 is a state-owned channel catering to 54 ethnic dialects across Vietnam. To meet its expanding audience base, VTV5 upgraded to Etere Ecosystem to manage the playout of three channels.

After several rounds of evaluations, VTV5 chose Etere for its integrated software-based Etere Ecosystem. The ecosystem empowers the organisation to streamline workflows and enhance operational efficiencies between distributed teams. The system was installed for three channels: VTV5 Hanoi, VTV5 Tay Nguyen, and VTV5 Tay Nam Bo.

Etere Ecosystem is a software framework that connects and manages the end-to-end workflow of a media or broadcast company. An embedded workflow designer allows users to customise their workflows and define broadcasting procedures.

The VTV5 Project included the following Etere Ecosystem modules:

  • Etere Automation: A playout automation system that integrates real-time device control with Media Asset Management (MAM).
  • Automation Clone/Backup/Backup One to Many
  • Etere Multichannel Editor which allows users to control and simultaneously monitor all channels from a single platform.
  • Etere Executive Scheduling: A planning solution designed to enhance the efficiency of both short-term and long-term playlists. It seamlessly integrates licensed content, contractual commercials, missing material, imported material, and regional ad insertions into planned schedules.
  • Etere T-Workflow: A solution which gives broadcasters the software tools to understand, optimise, and orchestrate workflows, effectively managing the entire media lifecycle. Etere T-Workflow is seamlessly integrated with the Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) system, ensuring that MAM functions intrinsically depend on the workflow.
  • Etere Basic Media Asset Management (MAM): A basic version of the Etere MAM. Bundled with every Etere system, it delivers a budget-friendly yet robust solution for asset organisation.
  • Etere Media Manager: Orchestrates the seamless transfer, duplication, and relocation of media assets across diverse hierarchical levels governed by customisable workflow protocols.
  • Etere Ingest: Software designed to meet various ingestion needs, including manual, scheduled, and automatic operations.
  • Etere Web: Facilitates information exchange, bridging internal entities – from departments to personnel to systems – and external stakeholders, including clientele, suppliers, and production managers.
  • Etere Web Floating License: Allows a limited number of licences to be shared among a larger user group, as the licences are not tied to individual usernames.
  • Etere SNMP Console: A centralised dashboard that manages real-time system monitoring of the infrastructure in a system. The user-friendly interface can detect and recover service downtime automatically.
  • Etere ActiveSync: Enables the creation and updating of links between video files and database assets through an automated process, ensuring data consistency.
  • Etere F90: Streamlines the connection between two systems, ensuring optimal information import and export accuracy through a fully automated, paperless data flow application.


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