Thursday, May 23, 2024

Vietnam’s VTVCab Selects Etere for OTT Ad Delivery

VTVCab, one of Vietnam’s largest pay-TV players has selected Etere to drive its smart advertising and remote ad insertion opportunities with SCTE-35. 

Timed metadata is inserted by the driver to signal an ad insertion in the transport streams. It pre-defines exactly when an advertisement can be inserted in the stream and how long the duration should be. This metadata that marks the start and end of a pre-produced advertisement is embedded in the transport stream.

Subsequently, the video content and targeted commercials are stitched into a single stream to produce a seamless experience for the viewer. The system automatically detects the final data in SCTE-35 and matches it with the playlist data to ensure that the broadcast content is always in sync with that of the playlist. Etere gives VTVCab the flexibility to replace ads without re-authoring and re-encoding the media files.

With Etere SCTE-35 driver, VTVCab is able to deliver SCTE-35 signals that drive multiple advertisement deliveries with the same program but without the additional costs. 


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