Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Voice Commands for Foxtel Now via Google Assistant

Foxtel has announced that Foxtel Now and Foxtel GO users can stream and control their favourite shows with just their voice, using Google Assistant enabled devices like Google Nest and Chromecast. Users just start with “Hey Google”, followed by a command to stream the shows they want to view, or they can adjust the volume, fast forward, rewind, and turn on captions, all hands-free. 

The feature is available for all Foxtel Now subscribers and for cable/ satellite customers using Foxtel GO and who have a multiroom or multiroom casting subscription.

In order to use voice commands for Foxtel via Google Nest devices, customers will need the Google Home app installed on their smartphone or tablet, and a Chromecast device or Foxtel Now box.

Alice Mascia, Foxtel’s Chief Product and Strategy Officer, said, “We’ve been making some great changes to Foxtel Now, including adding the Netflix app to our Foxtel Now boxes as we continue to innovate and refine the Foxtel Now experience for our customers.

“The addition of voice commands is another helpful way for them to interact with Foxtel while making the most of today’s smart home technologies.”


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