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Wētā FX, NVIDIA and Netflix to Keynote at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 in Sydney

Sydney, Australia, is set to host the 16th ACM SIGGRAPH Asia Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques between December 12 and 15, 2023. The annual event will unfold its magic at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney), beckoning the most distinguished minds in the realms of computer graphics, art, animation, gaming, interactivity, education, and emerging technologies.

Themed “Connecting Stories,” the 2023 edition will see a convergence of technical experts from all over the world gathering in Sydney, marking SIGGRAPH Asia as the apex of innovation and inspiration for the region.

June Kim, Conference Chair for SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 and Associate Lecturer at Australia’s UNSW Art & Design faculty, expresses, “SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 will fortify New South Wales’ status as a knowledge hub for creative industries. Championing youth, gender diversity, and cultural inclusivity across science, technology, engineering, arts, and design is a global imperative. This event will serve as a springboard for fresh initiatives to invigorate our local industry. We are also thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the world’s foremost innovators whose groundbreaking contributions have indelibly shaped our industry. Their presence underscores the profound impact of SIGGRAPH Asia in nurturing the next generation of talent.”

Moreover, SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 is delighted to unveil two distinguished Keynote Speakers who will grace the conference: Professor Jun Murai from Keio University, renowned internationally as ‘The Father of the Internet in Japan’ and the Founder of the WIDE Project; and Joe Letteri, the visionary Senior Visual Effects Supervisor at Wētā FX, who has five Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects to his name. Joe Letteri’s remarkable work includes cinematic masterpieces such as “Avatar,” “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, and “King Kong.”

Several prominent speakers, including Bryan Catanzaro of NVIDIA, Rob Bredow from Industrial Light & Magic, Paul Debevec of Netflix, and Sabine Laimer and Robin Hollander of Wētā FX, are also set to headline Featured Sessions at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023, offering valuable insights at the crossroads of technology, visual effects, virtual cinematography, and virtual production.

New Programs Take Center-Stage

A brand new addition to SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 is the inaugural Junior Computer Animation Festival, which is open to Junior (8 – 13 yrs) and Senior (14 – 18 yrs) participants. This initiative seeks to inspire students to explore cutting-edge animation technology, nurture their technical skills for potential careers, foster creativity at the intersection of art and technology, and provide networking opportunities with industry professionals and experts.

In an unprecedented global collaboration, SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 presents the Super Speed Connectivity for Digital Twins program, a remarkable showcase of our emerging hybrid society that seamlessly integrates the online and physical realms through extended reality and Digital Twins. This unique program features real-time demonstrations connecting Sydney and other cities worldwide, exemplifying the convergence of technology, art, and innovation. The program includes content such as high-fidelity streaming across continents, AR/VR-enabled digital twins for remote water treatment, and interactive volumetric live performances between Tokyo and Sydney. Organized by the ACM SIGGRAPH Hybrid Society adhoc Committee and powered by AARNet and the WIDE Project, this program pushes the boundaries of connectivity and creativity on a global scale.

2023 Programs Expand with Returning Segments

The 2023 Conference Programs has announced the return of four distinguished segments offering conference participants enhanced content selection. Victoria Szabo, Research Professor at Duke University, USA, heads the program themed “Crossing Thresholds.” This thread explores how advancements in computer graphics and interactive technologies are reshaping our stories, memories, challenges, and dreams.

Under the guidance of Joe Cincotta, Managing Director of Thinking Studio, Australia, the Demoscene program promises an immersive experience for the global computer art subculture, who focus on creating demos. The finest creations featured at the session will also be shared with a wider online audience. The Doctoral Consortium offers a platform for PhD students to convene and engage in insightful discussions about their research within a relaxed and interactive environment. Lastly, an eagerly anticipated Educator’s Forum will bring together seasoned professionals with academics, to offer invaluable insights and strategies that will elevate the learning experience across diverse fields.

Mainstay favorite programs have elevated their content, including the Computer Animation Festival (CAF), which will showcase two eagerly awaited screenings: Electronic Theater and Animation Theater. In addition to Technical Papers and Art Gallery, the Emerging Technologies program, a juried exhibition in the Experience Hall, serves as a pivotal platform for nurturing research communities and influencing the public by creating functional and experiential prototypes—an indispensable facet of technological innovation. The future of Extended Reality (XR) can also be explored with the thrilling addition of the XR Theater, offering a brand new immersive cinematic storytelling in a Virtual Reality (VR) theater-style environment. Come celebrate The Art of the Demo at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 in Sydney. Real-Time Live! is an amazing experience and a unique highlight of SIGGRAPH Asia. Watch the year’s most innovative graphics and interactive techniques presented and deconstructed live on-stage by their creators. You are guaranteed a peek under the hood of stunning creations and jaw-dropping results.

Explore the Future at the Exhibition

The SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 exhibition, running from December 13 to 15, presents a unique opportunity to explore the latest advancements in computer graphics, special effects, and animation. It’s a platform for direct engagement with leading industry organizations from across the Asia Pacific region. Students and young professionals can connect with potential employers looking to recruit talent for these dynamic industries.

The three-day SIGGRAPH Asia Exhibition offers an immersive experience, showcasing cutting-edge technologies that can shape both commercial and consumer markets. With over 30 renowned companies and brands from 11 countries and regions, the event features industry giants such as Adobe, Animal Logic, Canva, FORUM8, Foundry, Fox Renderfarm, Gigabyte, IO Industries, ILM, Meta, MSI, NVIDIA, Pixar RenderMan, Qualisys AB, Ritsumeikan University, Rising Sun Pictures, Rotomaker, SideFX Houdini, United Visual Researchers, VICON, Wētā FX and more.


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