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Monday, June 17, 2024

Young Reporters Programme for Winter Youth Olympic Games

Fourteen aspiring journalists from the Republic of Korea, France, Italy, and Senegal will participate in the Young Reporters Programme at the Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Gangwon 2024.

The participants, all aged between 19 and 24, will receive specialised training and mentoring from seasoned Olympic media professionals during the Winter YOG Gangwon 2024, which take place from 19 January to 1 February 2024.

The mix of class- and field-based tuition will give the Young Reporters all the tools required to work in the modern media industry and cover major events such as the Olympic Games.

Training topics will include:

  • Reporting – covering what makes a good sports story, how to tell it informatively and entertainingly, when and how to look for more background detail, and why accuracy, fairness and journalistic ethics remain the pillars of sports reporting.
  • Photography – revealing what makes a great sports photo, colour and composition, how to create a sense of place, how to edit and file, and how to use the latest professional equipment.
  • Broadcast – explaining the nuances between news stories, colour stories and interviews, how to craft a script to enhance video images, editing, and creating stories for special genre programming.
  • Social media – covering the integration of new platforms, data analysis and reporting.

Enhanced focus on host nation

The Young Reporters Programme for Gangwon 2024 features an enhanced focus on aspiring journalists from the host nation, providing an opportunity to educate and engage young professionals in the Republic of Korea and leave a tangible legacy from the YOG.

Eight of the 14 participants have been selected from the host nation by the IOC, the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (KSOC) and the Gangwon 2024 Organising Committee. Among those is 22-year-old student So Young Bang, who expressed her excitement at being chosen as a Young Reporter for Gangwon 2024.

“Participating in the programme is an incredible opportunity to grow as an international sports media expert, contribute meaningfully to the field, and make a positive impact,” she said. “I am committed to working diligently, learning from experienced mentors, and collaborating with fellow participants to create compelling and insightful stories.”

The remaining participants include two representatives each from future Olympic host nations France (Paris 2024), Italy (Milano-Cortina 2026) and Senegal (Dakar 2026). They include 22-year-old Italian student Claudia Gasparino, who revealed what she hopes to gain from being a Young Reporter at the YOG.

“My main goal for this programme is to gain as much experience as possible thanks to the close collaboration with professional journalists and the opportunity to practise in the field,” she said. “I also expect that this programme will help me gain more confidence and it will provide me with the right tools to succeed in the world of journalism after university, when I want to attend the most prestigious events like continental and world championships and, ultimately, the Olympic Games.”

Meet the Young Reporters

  • Yun Hando (Republic of Korea): Hando, 23, studies Geography at Seoul National University. A photography enthusiast who loves travelling, his passion for the Olympic Movement was ignited while volunteering at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.
  • Bang So Young (Republic of Korea): So Young, 22, studies Global Sports Industry and International Relations at Ewha Womans University. A former ball-kid at the 2014 Australian Open, she served as an interpreter at PyeongChang 2018. An avid fencer, she aspires to a career in sports broadcasting.
  • Son Jihae (Republic of Korea): Jihae, 19, is pursuing French Language and Literature at Korea University, where she recently joined the broadcasting station as a trainee. She enjoys photography, broadcasting, figure skating and football, and practises tennis and swimming.
  • Lee Su Yeon (Republic of Korea): Su Yeon, 23, studies at Sunkyunkwan University, and has work experience in a variety of roles including journalism, announcing and as an organiser of independent TED talks. A keen figure skater, she aspires to be a broadcast reporter.
  • Park Yechan (Republic of Korea): Yechan, 21, studies Climate and Energy Engineering at Korea University and has previous experience as an online reporter. As well as a love for photography and social media, he enjoys playing the piano and playing football, and is a figure skating fan.
  • Jeong Yena (Republic of Korea): Yena, 24, majors in English Language and Literature at Ewha Womans University. She specialises in photography and video production, with experience producing YouTube content and reporting for the Korea Tourism Organisation.
  • Park Yun Su (Republic of Korea): Yun Su, 22, double majors in Media and Communication and Linguistics at Korea University. She has diverse media experience, including documentary production, and has worked in communication roles which include completing the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain.
  • Lee Sejeong (Republic of Korea): Sejeong, 23, studies Global Sports Industry and Economics at Hankuk University. Her experience includes working in the results team at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, producing content for a Korean television network, and as a freelance producer for Korean YouTube show ‘MMTG’.
  • Eva Pellerin-Bolnet (France): Eva, 22, a student at Narratiiv, Paris, specialises in multimedia journalism. With experience working as an intern for French media outlets, she’s currently an editorial assistant for Paris 2024, writing sports background reports for the Games.
  • Tarek Diouri-Adekin (France): Having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language, Literature and Civilisation at Paris-Sorbonne University, Tarek, 23, is currently studying for a Master’s in Journalism. After interning at a French hip-hop magazine, he is currently serving an apprenticeship at a technology and gaming website, while also contributing to The Japan Times.
  • Claudia Gasparino (Italy): Claudia, 22, studies Journalism, Film & Media in Scotland. With a focus on television, she has written for the university newspaper and worked as a press assistant and interpreter at major sports events. Her favourite sport is volleyball.
  • Christian Leo Dufour (Italy): Christian, 24, earned a Bachelor’s in Communication from IULM University, and is now pursuing a Master’s in Journalism. He interned at Mediaset and Sky Italia and reports for Il Fatto Quotidiano online and Gazzetta Matin.
  • Yaye Awa Niang (Senegal): Yaye Awa, 23, switched from legal studies to media, contributing to Carta di Roma in 2021 and interning at Medi TV Afrique and ITV Senegal. She also participated in the IOC/AIPS Young Reporters Programme for Dakar 2026 and took part in the Dakar en Jeux festival in November 2023.
  • Yann Henri Durand (Senegal): Yann, 23, was born in Atlanta with Senegalese roots, and now resides in Senegal. He has radio experience and enjoys a range of sports including football and boxing. In 2023, he joined the IOC/AIPS Young Reporters Programme for Dakar 2026 and took part in the Dakar en Jeux festival in November 2023.

The IOC Young Reporters Programme is part of the YOG’s DNA to include young people in every step of the way and make the YOG by young people, with young people, for young people. The programme was established ahead of the inaugural YOG in Singapore in 2010 to provide journalism students and those taking their first steps in journalism careers with cross-platform training and on-the-job experience at a major multi-sport event. Guided and supported by experts in their fields, participants at each edition of the YOG have been trained in broadcast, print journalism, social media and photography.


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