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Acast Unlocks Marketplace of Podcast Influencers for Media Buyers

Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, recently announced the launch of host-read sponsorships on its self-serve podcast advertising platform. Now, any advertiser globally can book sponsorship campaigns read by podcast hosts themselves across the entire Acast Marketplace using the self-serve platform.

The news makes Acast the largest podcast network to offer an option for self-service browsing of podcast sponsorships. Additionally, it enables advertisers to use the self-serve platform to buy sponsorships from right across Acast’s Marketplace including some of the biggest titles in podcasting such as Equity Mates Investing, Australian True Crime, WTF with Marc Maron, Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed, The Higher Ground Network, and more.

Traditionally, podcast sponsorships have been bought manually through an ad sales representative or through the podcaster directly. Acast’s self-serve advertising platform introduces automation into the discovery and buying processes to help media buyers make more efficient and accurate investments in podcasting.

By leveraging AI, the platform also enables advertisers to discover podcasts they may never have considered before, effectively reducing bias in media buying and enabling advertisers to connect with the most relevant audiences for their message and budget. Additionally, advertisers using the platform will experience unparalleled transparency into each buy that will enable them to make the most informed, data-driven decisions based on pricing, audience insights, and more.

Acast Product Manager Niklas Lagerberg said: “This is a real moment for us. Host-read sponsorships are what makes podcast advertising so special and they’re the ultimate personal endorsement for advertisers because podcast listeners have such a deep, intimate connection with the creators they love and truly value their recommendations.

“By opening up sponsorships in our self-serve advertising platform, Acast has created even more opportunities for advertisers of all sizes to reach high-value podcast audiences in the way that our medium has become so famous for. From major names like Peter Crouch and Paige DeSorbo, to niche shows with loyal fans, we’re making it easier than ever for advertisers to tap into podcast influencers across all genres and parts of the globe, while also ensuring more money flows to more creators of all sizes.”

Acast Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Henrik Isaksson, said: “Not only does this launch provide new pathways for advertisers to hit target audiences, it’s also yet another step in our mission to put money back in the hands of creators. We’re passionate about democratising access for podcasts and helping the creator economy grow, and host-read sponsorships have a dual benefit for both creators and advertisers alike.”

According to a recent study of frequent podcast listeners in the US conducted by Acast, host-read sponsorships are effective for advertisers across the marketing funnel. The study found that 62 percent of listeners said they had made a purchase after hearing a host-read sponsorship and 72 percent said they had visited an advertiser’s website after hearing a host-read sponsorship.

Since launching in November of last year, Acast’s self-serve podcast advertising platform has grown to service organisations of various sizes and industries, from small and medium sized businesses, to household brand names, to major agencies, and even to podcasters themselves. In the first few months of launch, more than 150 brands booked campaigns and nearly 40 percent of advertisers booked repeat campaigns. 

However, previously the platform only allowed media buyers to book pre-recorded podcast ad campaigns. Now, with sponsorships, advertisers can book campaigns with longer editorialised messages usually read by the podcaster themselves, all with the same scale and convenient buying experience of pre-recorded ad campaigns.

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