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Monday, July 22, 2024

AEQ XPEAK Matrix-Free Intercom

AEQ XPEAK supports up to 28 user terminals in different formats: desktop, rack, wired belt-pack, wireless belt-pack, and PC application. All terminals interconnect with maximum operational flexibility and without the need for a matrix.

XPEAK interconnectivity is very simple, even if the devices are in different locations, via WAN or Internet access. If a user panel is configured to work remotely, when switched on it will search and find the rest of the system’s user panels within the network, being ready to work in a few seconds.

Its wired user terminals have Bluetooth and USB connections, admitting all types of headsets (headphone/microphone combinations) with these interfaces and facilitating connection with smartphones and PCs.

Stationary user terminals have 8 keys and the belt-packs 4 keys. The keys are arranged on two pages, doubling the number of users or user groups each panel can interact with.
If not used in a XPEAK system, these units can work as user panels or terminals in large systems with AEQ Conexia or Crossnet matrix. They can also be integrated into the simple AEQ Easynet Party-Line Systems.

Other features include:

  • A Terminal can work in different locations and subscribe to different virtual networks, to participate in different remote productions.
  • The system can be expanded temporarily or permanently via the cloud.
  • It has the same operational flexibility as an AEQ matrix system working on a “peer to peer” basis, without a matrix.
  • Supports 4-channel Party-Line operation to minimise setup effort.
  • Stationary panels can be connected in the most convenient way, with an IP switch or in “Daisy Chain”.
  • Users connected to a panel can be coordinated while receiving the audio of the production they are developing.
  • Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or audio with a walkie-talkie system will allow coordination outside the system with remote users.


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