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Arista Corporation to Showcase Multiple Pro Audio Solutions

Arista Corporation will be featuring a variety of cutting-edge solutions that address a variety of commonly encountered audio production issues during Winter NAMM. Key among the company’s offerings to be showcased are the Stealth Silent Audio Workstation and the company’s Dante-equipped audio interfaces, including the E-Vocal Duo, E-Vocal Duo+, and the E-Vocal Myriad.

Arista’s Stealth Silent Audio Workstation is equipped with an Intel i7-8700 six-core processor to provide plenty of CPU power to record musicians, compose film music, work with sound effects for TV or film, and play virtual instruments. The system is populated with 64GB DDR4 memory that enables one to load large sample libraries and there is an option of two 1TB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or SSD (Solid State Disk) that provides enough storage space to record live instruments or save a library of sample-based plug-ins. The workstation supports a 4K display or up to three HD displays, which can be useful when running music software such as Ableton, Cubase, Pro Tools, or Sonar. The system uses an Intel 8th Generation i7-8700 CPU processor powered by Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which delivers superior power and responsiveness to help one’s productivity soar.

To ensure the most flexibility managing a variety of audio sources for both live production and studio or other fixed installations, Arista will also be featuring its E-Vocal Series Dante interfaces. The E-Vocal Duo product group consists of three products: the ARS-0200-A00 analogue audio to Dante interface, the ARS-0002-A00 Dante to analogue audio interface, and the ARS-0002-A01 interface, which facilitates Lip-Sync delay to enable sound and picture to be synchronised.

Also on display during NAMM will be Arista’s E-Vocal Duo+ (Plus) Audio over IP product group. Consisting of three models, the E-Vocal Duo+ product group includes the ARS-0202-A00 analogue audio to Dante to analogue audio interface, the ARS-2020-A11 dual XLR microphone to Dante interface, and the ARS-0202-B11 dual XLR microphone to Dante interface with an SFP connector fibre interface. The Arista E-Vocal Duo+ interfaces were designed for harsh stage conditions with lockable XLR and etherCON connectors for both the audio and network connections.

Adding still greater versatility to its Dante interface product line is Arista’s E-Vocal Myriad Audio over IP product group. Consisting of two models – one with 16-channels and one with 32-channels – these 1RU, rackmount interfaces are designed for bi-directional transfer (input / output) of 16 or 32 analogue audio channels to or from a Dante network. The two models are identified as the ARS-1616 (16 analogue channels) and ARS-3232 (32 analogue channels).

Paul Shu, President of Arista Corporation, commented on the company’s Stealth Silent Audio Workstation and E-Vocal Series Dante-enabled interfaces. “Personal computers make a terrific production tool for audio professionals,” says Shu, “but they need to be configured properly in order to achieve the silent operation necessary – and that’s precisely what our Stealth Silent Audio Workstation addresses. Similarly, for both live performance and installed applications, the Dante protocol is an invaluable tool for managing a wide range of audio signals. With our E-Vocal Duo, E-Vocal Duo+, and E-Vocal Myriad product groups, we offer a comprehensive assortment of Dante solutions capable of addressing a wide range of audio challenges. I’m confident audio technicians will be impressed with the feature sets of all our audio equipment.”


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