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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Audio Academy Aims High With Audient ASP4816

Boutique audio enterprise, Audio Academy added the compact Audient ASP4816 mixing desk to its setup last year. The facility offers professional audio education programs as well as providing commercial recording, music production, sound design and Foley services, and the compact mixing desk has settled in very well.

“We were looking for a console that would serve as both a teaching tool as well as a highly functioning mixer for professional studio bookings,” explains studio manager and faculty, Gautham Pattani.  Part of a hybrid setup in the studio, the analogue desk’s array of connectivity options means it can work easily with the outboard gear and send audio straight to their Pro Tools DAW.

“Our multi-monitor setup helps reveal every detail in the recording and mixing process. Dedicated hardware controllers, industry standard converters, high quality mic pres and a selection of microphones help us meet the demands of any project,” he says, referring to the independent musicians, producers and sound artists he works with, as well as his students.

“The console serves as our main monitor controller for all aspects of production. A summing desk while mixing and a preamplification stage while multi-track recording.”  Aside from the fully featured monitor control offered by the British desk, Gautham also enjoys the parametric EQs, bus compressor and its flexible routing capabilities.

The recording studio and adjacent spacious live room have proved ideal for music production students to work on their commercial assignments. Each student is required to complete 100 hours of studio time before they graduate. Full-time courses come with government approved diplomas and students are mentored by certified professionals – Gautham himself is a Dante-certified trainer.

When he’s not teaching, Gautham can be found recording bands or mixing sound for films. Clients are definitely impressed with the new setup. “We’ve had many an accomplished musician marvel at both the quality of our work as well as our unique space,” he asserts.

A forthcoming project for Academy Audio is the production of a multi-lingual podcast series. “We also have an upcoming project in the art installation world in collaboration with a sound artist,” adds Gautham. That sounds VERY intriguing. Audient can’t wait to hear more.


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