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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Audionamix Combines Audio Source Separation with Enterprise Licensing

Audionamix is the developer of audio source separation technology. Built on advanced signal processing and artificial intelligence, Audionamix technology extracts specific elements from an audio file, including speech, vocals, drums, and bass.

Audionamix has now taken its AI audio separation algorithms to the next level in the professional space with Enterprise Licensing.

Streaming re-releases, international dubs, live film concerts, and immersive up-mixes transform classic content into new revenue. Valuable catalogue assets are often locked in their original state, so these revenue creating projects aren’t possible without the availability of separate stems or a full session. Audionamix separation technology removes these audio challenges by separating dialogue and music elements from a master file, unlocking these assets for revenue-generating repurposing.

The Enterprise Licensing solution gives studios, distributors, publishers, and record labels the freedom and flexibility to access these solutions on their own schedules, and from their own facilities. Enterprise Licensing offers on-demand separation processing and integrates best-in-the-business technology through three secure options: a local on-site server, connection to online asset management systems, or through a web-based interface.

Clients receive unlimited access to Audionamix Professional Services’ exclusive algorithms, including Dialogue Isolation/Removal, Music Removal, and the newest service, Music Stemming. With this new Music Stemming service, record labels, distributors, and publishers can separate a mastered track into four separate stems: vocals, drums, bass, and remaining music.

A vital component of the Enterprise Licensing solution is the customisable security it offers. To avoid security breaches, where personal employee data, emails, scripts, and even contracts, can be leaked, it is increasingly evident that securing assets has become paramount. The Enterprise Licensing solution adapts to the client’s security protocols to make it a suitable solution internally or externally.


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