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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Automatically Remove Rustle Noise

Rustle noise is a common problem, especially with lavaliere microphones. Even a small movement can cause the mic to rub against an item of clothing, creating a distracting noise. RustleRemover AI can automatically detect and remove this rustle noise, leaving the voice intact.

RustleRemover AI is a plugin that automatically removes microphone rustle noise from audio. You just apply the RustleRemover AI plugin, and listen to the result. The plugin works in realtime, so you can adjust the Strength control during playback to get just the result you want.

Intuitive Controls

RustleRemover has an ON/OFF toggle that allows you to easily bypass the processed audio result and compare it with the original audio. A real-time waveform display shows your audio before it was processed, in a colour matching the UI, and after it was processed, in white. The waveform allows you to easily visualise how much your audio has been repaired, and where.

The most important control is the Strength knob, which allows you to choose how much processing is applied. In most cases, the Strength knob is the only control you need. In clips with especially noticeable rustle noise, you can turn the Strength knob to ‘Extra’ mode to remove more noise.

Advanced Features

RustleRemover AI also has advanced strength controls that allow you fine-tune exactly how much rustle noise is removed from low, mid, and high frequencies. In addition to an output gain slider and a level meter, there are also controls for easily saving and loading your own custom presets. Any custom presets you create can be shared, which is very helpful if you are working in a team or need to move your project between applications, for instance, Adobe Premiere and Audition.


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