Friday, April 19, 2024

AVW Group Introduce Contacta IR and RF Systems

Sydney-based broadcast and AV distributors, AVW Group, have introduced Contacta System’s infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) systems to its customer base in Australia and New Zealand.

The hearing augmentation systems are the latest additions to AVW’s range from one of the industry’s market leaders. With more than 50 years’ of experience in the sector, Contacta design and manufacture a unique range of high-quality British-made products worldwide.

The Contacta IR range offers two sizes of powerful IR transmitter/modulator, delivering coverage from 180m2 through to 900m². Transmitters can be daisy-chained to provide an even greater coverage area. The system is suited to venues where confidentiality is key, such as courtrooms, or where users need to hear different sound sources in close proximity, such as multi-screen cinemas.

Two rechargeable portable IR receivers are available and other features include Automatic Gain Control and high sensitivity for incoming infrared signals of 2.3MHz or 2.8MHz.

The IR-RX2 receiver is a multifunction unit and can be used with its supplied earphones or headsets. The system also offers an optional neck loop for users with T-Coil enabled hearing aids.

Contacta RF assistive listening systems have a transmission range of up to 300m and can use 40 channels simultaneously. This can be used either for multiple language presentations or two-way communication for groups in nearby locations.

The RF-TXRM rack-mounted transmitter is designed for larger venues and can be paired onto range extenders wirelessly.

The range also includes the RF-TX1 portable radio transmitter with plug-in microphone, as well as radio receiver and transceiver options. This system offers superb flexibility as an advanced assistive listening solution as well as a tour-guide system for museums, galleries and other attractions.

Head of New Business Development at Contacta, Ran Meyrav, said: “These systems are important products to add to our portfolio because our customers have asked us for these technologies. We have tested our products against the best in class, we are delighted with the results, and are confident we are very well placed in terms of quality, performance and price.

AVW CEO, Murray Hunt, adds “Contacta have managed to deliver top quality Hearing Assistance products for decades and AVW are pleased to be adding their IR and RF systems to our portfolio of Hearing Loop Drivers, Window Intercom Systems, Portable, Integrated and Counter loops, so we can now provide a one-stop shop for all commercial hearing assistance requirements.”


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