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Blaze Audio Announces Constant Curvature Array (CCA) Loudspeaker

Blaze Audio recently announced the Constant Curvature Array (CCA) loudspeaker. Available both bi-amped or self-powered, the Blaze Audio CCA10i is a compact, 3-way arrayable point source loudspeaker designed for medium-sized venues to large distributed systems that need a flexible, scalable loudspeaker solution.

The CCA10i features two 10-inch high-excursion, ultra-low distortion drivers that offer reduced power compression, with diaphragms providing efficient and accurate bass reproduction down to 52Hz. The system’s constant curvature waveguide provides unprecedented array coherence along with precision 160° symmetrical horizontal pattern control.

Mounted horizontally with tight acoustic centres to minimise comb filtering, each CCA10i enclosure provides a fixed 20° vertical coverage pattern and can be flown with additional enclosures in vertical arrays. Featuring a coaxial compression driver that uses separate midrange and high-frequency polymer ring-shaped diaphragms, the compression driver coupled to our stabilised waveguide (wave shaping device) and constant directivity horn delivers an extremely wide response ranging from 420Hz – 18kHz.

The Blaze Audio CCA10i is ideal for delivering exceptional, concert-quality audio in performance venues with medium-throw applications. This includes centre arrays, stereo arrays, and distributed sound systems. Hence, the CCA10i makes an exceptional choice for performing arts centres, commercial theatre, Houses of Worship, nightclubs, and stadiums.

Hugh Sarvis, Blaze Audio’s Director of Loudspeakers, commented on the company’s new CCA10i Constant Curvature Array loudspeaker, “The CCA10 is a high-power system with extremely good pattern control both in the horizontal and vertical plane. Having the crossover at 420Hz between the bass and high frequency allows for great control over speech intelligibility. The goal with this system was to have a speaker with a really accurate on axis response and a very controlled smooth off axis response. Having a Klippel NFS (Near Field Scanner) enables us to really pay attention to the CEA2034 data to interface with early reflections and make a good ‘In Room Response’. Working at Blaze has allowed me to have the best combination of amplifiers and DSP. The marriage of a well-behaved speaker along with great amplification/DSP creates an extremely capable loudspeaker system.”

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