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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Blustream Debuts Dante-Enabled NPA100DA Power Amplifier

AV distribution innovator Blustream recently announced the release of the NPA100DA Dante-enabled networked power amplifier delivering advanced audio integration to commercial or residential AV installations. For conference and meeting rooms, the NPA100DA is a versatile solution for delivering amplification for presentation and background audio. With its microphone input and integrated audio-ducking capabilities, it is also ideal for live event applications such as lecture halls and small auditoriums. Its compact size and single-cable connectivity make it perfect for small to medium-sized rooms where a larger, more powerful amp would be costly and unnecessary. Boasting an array of switchable inputs, this versatile amplifier can connect to both consumer and professional equipment.

“The NPA100DA is a multipurpose powerhouse,” said Martyn Shirley, Blustream General Manager. “Integrators can’t go wrong selecting it wherever Dante-enabled power amplification is needed. It’s feature-packed and especially flexible with its small footprint. It’s as comfortable in the family room as it is in the boardroom.”

The Blustream NPA100DA networked power amplifier features a 2x 50W digital amplifier (1 x 100W mono) or 70V/100V high-level constant voltage output, dedicated LFE subwoofer output, Dante audio integration, and two-channel balanced/unbalanced audio outputs. It supports a variety of inputs, including two-channel Dante audio, HDMI ARC, MIC audio with 48V phantom power support, optical audio, and two-channel balanced/unbalanced analog audio.

The NPA100DA can be powered via PoE++ from a compatible network switch for placement in areas where a power outlet is not available, or locally should the switch not support PoE++. The unit also includes the ability to lower the amplifier power output subject to PoE capabilities. Its 70-100V speaker outputs can feed commercial-grade audio over large distances for in-wall/in-ceiling/pendant speakers as typically found in commercial applications.

The unique implementation of HDMI ARC input with CEC volume control broadens its residential applications, where it can be used as a compact amplifier to standard 4- or 8-ohm speakers for rooms that need two-channel audio distribution, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens. The built-in crossover and line-level output for use with a subwoofer enables a 2.1 audio experience.

The NPA100DA also features support for combined or independent LAN and Dante connections, audio delay for lip sync correction, independent gain control for audio inputs, and control via front panel, IR, RS-232, TCP/IP, web GUI, or 12V trigger. The integrated DSP offers a wide array of processing, including a 31-band equaliser, a 12V trigger, as well as phantom power for professional microphones, giving many of the features found in larger amplifiers but in a compact package that can address smaller spaces without compromising audio quality or functionality.


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