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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Calrec Boosts Brio with Enhanced New Packages

Underscoring its commitment to offering powerful consoles, Calrec is announcing enhanced versions of its Brio console with the Brio Duet and Brio Medley packages, which offer greater channel counts and expanded connectivity as standard, and at an even more competitive price.

Dave Letson, VP of Sales, said, “We’re very proud of the way the Brio has been embraced by the market and that its versatility has been so widely recognised, but it’s so important to keep across market requirements. We’ve listened to our customers’ changing needs and our new Brio Duet and Brio Medley packages have increased capabilities at excellent value for money.

“With Brio Duet we’ve upgraded the Brio’s base specification, and Brio 36 Duet becomes the baseline Brio console with an increased input channel count of 96 channels (up from 64) to deal with more surround and immersive mixing as well as standard or slim trims (where space is at a premium), and at a reduced price of £22,500. The Brio Medley package adds a Dante or MADI expansion card and a Br.IO I/O box with 24 mic/line inputs, 16 analogue outputs and eight AES I/Os at a reduced list price of £25,950.

“Both packages provide better value for money to our customers, and a much broader appeal to people working in more specialist areas like smaller outside broadcast units and flypacks.”

For existing Brio customers, Calrec is offering an upgrade option to 96 channels on a 64 channel Brio.

Brio is a plug-and-play broadcast console with no DSP sharing so all facilities are available all the time, making it very flexible. It slots into any broadcast workflow and is easy to drive and learn. Brio is fully loaded with dynamics and delay on every path. Its powerful feature set includes a huge internal router, multiple monitor outputs, comprehensive built-in I/O, plus it’s expandable for future growth.

As Sound Engineer Paul Cutler said last year after mixing Captain Tom Moore’s 100th birthday celebrations for a live broadcast, part of a celebration of Moore’s charity achievements during the pandemic, “I had never used a Brio before, but it was so intuitive that I took delivery, installed, set it up and mixed the broadcast in a matter of hours. It is amazing to use; so simple I was adding auxes on the fly and had no concern about adding any facilities. Plenty of ins and outs, huge capacity and a user interface that’s beautifully laid out and a joy to use.”

Calrec also recently announced the launch of a free educational training module for mixing live broadcasts in Dolby Atmos using the Calrec Brio console. The need to train people on how to mix in Dolby Atmos has grown rapidly through increased demand from service providers who want to deliver their live events in Dolby Atmos. These training modules explain how to create and monitor immersive mixes with a variety of inputs quickly and easily on Calrec’s cost-effective Brio console.

Calrec has Brio consoles in stock and is shipping now.


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